Admin - Configuration library

How do I add an item to a dropdown?

First, make sure that this item will not impact any of your reports. If it does, get Technical Services involved so they can make sure the new values will be counted correctly!

Use the Configuration library, Dropdowns page

There are three tabs:

  • System Dropdown tab = System-wide items
  • This includes pages in the Billing, Class, Config, Housing, ORG, Portal, Security Manager, and Services libraries

  • Program Dropdown tab = items specific to your module (HMIS, CSBG, General, etc.)
  • For example, items in the HH Members demographics that are different for each module

  • Configuration Dropdown tab = critical to system, like reports and page functions, so administrators will not be able to change – contact Technical Services to make changes to these values and they will determine if it can be done!

System Dropdown additions:

  • Use the System Dropdown tab
  • Select the Library and Page using the Quick Access Menu
  • Click SEARCH
  • Select the Class (name of dropdown field)
  • Click ADD at top of page
  • Enter Item, Consent, check if Default value, add Description
  • Click SAVE
  • When there are multiple values, up and down arrows will be displayed so you can re-order the values

Program Dropdown additions:

  • Use the Program Dropdown tab
  • Select the Class (name of dropdown field) using the Quick Access Menu
  • Click ADD
  • Enter Item Value and select Module to use
  • Click SAVE

Use the X button to remove an unwanted value