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How Do I Install the ECM Screen Scraper?

The ECM Screen Scraper can be installed using the following link

For more information on the Screen Scraper, read this blog post

Additionally, documentation is available for the Screen Scraper, and is available in the Knowledge Center. Click this link to find out more

What’s the quickest way to find my client so I can enter him/her into a new program?

Use this if you don’t know if client is entered in a program:

  • Enter part or all the client first name and/or last name of Identifier in the Look Up area
  • Click SEARCH
  • Matching results will be displayed in Search Results popup window
  • If the client is enrolled in a program, they will be displayed in bottom of window
  • Select the desired record and click LOCATE
  • If you also click in the radio button for the program record, it will open with the Applications tab

If your client is already entered in a program, this may be quicker:

  • Open the My Cases Quick Access Menu
  • Select a Program and Case Worker or leave blank to search all
  • Uncheck Active if the application is no longer active
  • Matching results will be displayed in grid
  • Select the desired record and click LOCATE

I need to make corrections to my client’s demographic data, but the record is locked; can I unlock it?

On the Enrollment page, Application tab or HH Members tab or Income tab or Documents tab, you will see an icon that looks like a locked padlock when the application has been verified and locked. When the application is locked, you will not see the EDIT button.

Click the LOCK button and you will see that it turns into an Un-lock button. The EDIT button also appears. Click EDIT and edit the data in the popup window.

Remember to re-lock the application when you’re finished so that you can record services. You only need to click it on one of the tabs, you do not need to click it on each of the Enrollment page tabs!

How do I change the Head of Household?

On the Enrollment page, HH Members tab:

  • Click the CHANGE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD button next to the current Head of Household

In the Change Head of Household popup window:

  • Select the New Head of Household – their relation Status will change to Self
  • Change the Relation Status for all other Household Members
  • Click CLOSE

The Head of Household is usually listed first on the page and displays the ‘H’ icon

If the Head of Household changes, the former Head of Household will display the H icon but as read only

Can I exit my client if s/he is the Head of Household?

No, the Head of Household may not be exited if there are other household members. Change the Head of Household to a different household member, and then you can exit your client.

How do I add a document that isn’t on the list of required documents?

You will add a new Document Type for your client:

  • Open Enrollment page, Documents tab
  • Click ADD next to the Client name

In the Add Document Type popup window:

  • Select the Document Type
  • Click SAVE

The new Document Type will now be displayed in the Documents window for this client

  • Hover your cursor over the ‘I’ icon to see the documents that will meet the requirement
  • Use the UPDATE button to upload your document

See your Administrator to have the Document Type added for all clients

How do we ask questions for follow up after the client exits the program?

Your Administrator must set up Follow up Questions for your program

Your Administrator must also set the Post Exit Length for the Program, which determines for how many days after Client Exit the questions will be available

The client must exit the program before the questions will be displayed

  • Open the Household History page
  • Open the Follow up tab
  • If client is not exited, you will see ‘No Exit Snapshot’ displayed
  • Click ADD next to the name of your Assessment

Questions will display in grid

  • Click EDIT next to Assessment name

In Questions popup window:

  • Select or enter Answer for each Question
  • Click SAVE and enter Date