I’m unable to reset my password, and am seeing an error message that says “A server error has occurred, please contact your administrator.” What’s happening?

While Adsystech recognizes that it is a common practice for users to associate the same email with a UserID to manage different agencies or configurations of roles, this limits the use of the Reset Password feature for security reasons.

In order to maintain the security of our system, we display a generic message letting a user know that their UserID or password cannot be authenticated. This differs from messages that users may see that indicate that a UserID does not exist or that an account is blocked.

When users see this message, we advise using the the User Setup page in the Admin Tools role to reset a user’s password.

What happens when User clicks ‘Reset Password’ on Login page?

A User Account must include Email account address or Phone Number and User must be able to access that email account or phone for text message


In Find Your Account popup window:

  • Enter Email Address or Phone Number
  • A code will be sent in an email or text message

In Choose a new password popup window:

  • Enter Security Code from email or text message
  • Enter New Password
  • Enter Password again to confirm
  • Click CONTINUE

What happens if a User enters an incorrect password?

If an incorrect password is used three times during a login attempt, the account will be suspended, or blocked, for a minimum of 20 minutes

Administrator can use the UNBLOCK button on Admin Tools library, User page to unblock the user account

  • Unblock button will display only when selected Account is blocked

Are there requirements for password characteristics?

Password must be at least six characters, including alpha numeric including upper and lower case, at least one number and one special character

  • This can be changed by Technical Services

Do users receive notifications via email or at login that their passwords are soon going to expire?

Users will be asked to change their passwords when they login; this notice will appear two weeks before the expiration date

After how many days/months do User Login Passwords expire?

User login passwords will expire after up to 180 days. Passwords cannot be reused for five password change cycles. This can be changed by Technical Services.