What is eFactory?

eFactory is a repository of tools that facilitate the production, test and maintenance of Adsystech Software.

eFactory provides clients have the ability to submit service requests directly to Adsystech Technical Services, run ad hoc reports on all support requests, receive email notifications of ticket statuses, schedule tickets for development in accordance with their TSP plan and manage the totality of service requests for local users.

eFactory is organized into a structure with three tiers. Each of these tiers is responsible for receiving, troubleshooting, responding to requests for support and if necessary, escalating these requests to a higher tier for resolution. Logging these requests in eFactory allows Adsystech to determine how best to address system issues or new feature requests that originate from any tier of support and ensures a consistent response to problem resolution. Technical Services tiers are as follows:

Tier 1

Basic level of support where service problems are logged into eFactory, triaged, troubleshot, and elementary problems are resolved. Examples of this include: basic “how to” questions, hardware diagnostics, password resets, account creation, Enterprise Application user access for any Adsystech module, etc. This is typically managed by the Agency Administrator.

Tier 2

Intermediate level of support where incoming user requests are logged or triaged into eFactory with updated details and resolved or routed to Tier 3 support resources for review. Examples of this include: more advanced “how to” questions, advanced hardware diagnostics, Enterprise system pages functions, organization roles and security management services, etc. This is typically managed by the System Administrator, often referred to as the Super Administrator.

Tier 3

This level of support is not generally provided by System Administrators. These problems usually involve advanced levels of support that require specialized technical or application expertise and possibly development assistance. Examples of this include advanced administrative setup, system outage or system-wide performance concerns and application bugs, etc. This is typically managed by the Adsystech Customer Support Team.

An important facet of the Technical Services Resolution process is how tickets are moved throughout these three tiers so that they can be resolved. The goal of Adsystech is to ensure that end users have the most positive experience while using any Adsystech product.



What is the difference between an SMA and a TSP?

Each contract with Adsystech includes a Service and Maintenance Agreement (SMA) and may include a Technical Service Plan (TSP) that is used to prioritize and resolve system issues submitted to Adsystech via eFactory.

SMA tickets pertain to system defects. These tickets report problems with standard features that do not perform as specified in Adsystech official documentation or in compliance with Federal mandates. These tickets are noted with the status “System Issue” and are resolved by Adsystech at no cost and are scheduled at Adsystech discretion.

TSP tickets are requests for system enhancements. These tickets contain requests for customization or technical service based on purchased hours which are specified in each customer’s TSP. When submitting a ticket as a TSP, the customer must also assign the month for the work to begin, and eFactory will limit TSP tickets in a given month based on the estimated labor required and available contracted plan hours.

How can I receive additional training?

Adsystech will work with you to coordinate additional remote (webinar) training or onsite training as needed. For pricing and to coordinate a custom remote or onsite training session, please contact the Adsystech Training Team at knowledgebase@adsystech.com

Adsystech provides free webinars on a regular schedule. To signup for one of these webinars, navigate to the Webinar page here in the Knowledge Center and sign up.

Typical webinars provide one to two hours of instructional training or topical review. Included are all required training materials, training agendas and prerequisites for attendance. Examples of basic webinar training sessions are “Tips and Tricks”, “What’s New”, and “How to Enter and Exit Programs”. Basic webinars provide training content for all system users (end users to system administrators). They are an effective way to provide continuing education for users without incurring the extensive overhead cost of training staff, materials, excess time out of the office and travel.

Advanced webinars offer more detailed information on critical topics for both users and system administrators. These topics include advanced training in the use of Data Conversion techniques, administrator tools, ad hoc report design and management report analysis/design. These advanced webinars are an important tool in building local capacity towards maximizing the use of the system’s functions and features.

How do I contact Customer Support for assistance?

Adsystech clients have several options to receive basic and advanced support:

Adsystech provides a toll-free number for all Technical Services Calls, 888-602-2225. Technical support staff is available from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Eastern Time to respond to customer’s request for service and SMA issues that impact user access to the system. Emergency after hours support is provided for system outages at (888) 602-2225, option 6

Customers may also send an email to technicalservices@adsystech.com with requests for support.