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How Do I Install the ECM Screen Scraper?

The ECM Screen Scraper can be installed using the following link

For more information on the Screen Scraper, read this blog post

Additionally, documentation is available for the Screen Scraper, and is available in the Knowledge Center. Click this link to find out more

What is the difference between the Case Notes tab on the Enrollment page and the Client Notes tab on the Case/Assessments page?

After reviewing various client requirements, Adsystech determined it would be beneficial for many of our clients if they were afforded the ability to record case notes while in the process of submitting an application for services. These case notes behave in much the same way as traditional case notes at service level, and the Case Notes QRG provides guidance for our clients to record these notes.

These notes become part of the global Case History narrative, that can be accessed via reports and popovers throughout the system.

What is the difference between Group Services and Group Sessions?

Group Services allow recording a Service for multiple clients at one time

  • Services may be scheduled to be recurring
  • All Clients receive the Group Service on all dates of the schedule that they are enrolled in Program
  • Administration: Activity type = GroupService

Group Sessions allow enrollment and attendance to be used for each date of the session activity

  • Sessions may be one date or scheduled for multiple dates
  • Clients are enrolled into a date of the Session activity and that enrollment may be copied to another date of the Session activity
  • After enrollment, clients can be marked as attended
  • Attendance cannot be recorded for future dates
  • Administration: Activity type = Session

I don’t see any ADD buttons on the Services page; how do I add a service for my client?

There are three things that could cause the ADD button to not display.

First, make sure that the client’s application has been verified. If you are on the Services page and you do not see any ADD buttons, you may see a pink box next to the Client name that displays the Verified status and Exit status.

If Verified = No:

  • Open Enrollment page, Application tab
  • Click LOCK to verify the application
  • Return to Services page to record service

The second cause is that no Domains have been selected for the application

  • Open Enrollment page, Application tab
  • Click UNLOCK if the application is currently locked
  • Click EDIT next to the desired program

In Applicant Information popup window

  • Select the desired Domain(s) in the Domains window
  • Click SAVE
  • Click LOCK

The third cause is that there are no Services available in any of the selected Domains. See your Administrator to have one or more Services added for this Program and Domain.

This is also true for Case Notes and Assessments.

If I have a Client receiving a Scheduled Service and the client exits the program, will the service end?

Yes, whether the service is being recorded on the Services page or with Group Services, the schedule of the service will end when the client is exited from the program